6.30 | Make Shit Happen

been feeling hella accomplished lately, ya`ll. with all of the crazy shit going on in this world, i`ve been trying to stay focused and disciplined. so far, so damn good. i have surpassed my initial financial goal and am halfway through to reaching my yearly goal. 6 months until i exceed that goal, too! *woot woot* it`s a monumental moment *cues dramatic music* because i can`t believe that i, the broke girl, was able to achieve such a financial feat.

i`ve been saving half my checks, getting my debt down (as always) and making shit happen. right now, i`m at 37% of my total limit of debt (student loans not included). almost there! within the next few weeks, that`ll be changing because i`ll be paying off yet another account (yes lawd!).

i definitely rewarded myself by staying dedicated and committed. i`m soooo proud of myself, ya`ll. & let me tell you, clapping for yourself is so much better than someone else clapping for you. it just hits different. take every opportunity to clap for yourself whenever you check another goal off your list. i also checked another goal off my list that i will reveal soon! i`m soooo excited.

now, on to the look...

for today`s look, i wore this rhythm nation tee paired with a red plaid skirt that i can finally wear now that quarantine has put some pounds on my lower body. i purchased the tee here and i talk about what drew me to the tee here (be sure to check out my other vids, too!). i always imagined that i would wear a mustard colored hoodie or tee with this skirt—which i still plan on wearing—but this tee looked good with it, too. i wore my cdg play converse, which were gifted to me last month... although i am still frustrated at cdg for their ugly display of cornrows on the runway.

top thrifted skirt forever 21 shoes cdg play
- the broke girl