i'm just a broke girl
with expensive taste

i`m a recovering shopping addict that works in the fashion industry and i`m a sucker for good branding, intricate details + garment construction. i paint + dabble in a little fashion illustration outside of my full time. i have a bachelor`s in communications + digital media studies and a master`s in fashion marketing.

i created broke but high maintenance to share my journey of falling into debt + slowly crawling my way out whilst looking + feeling good! i`m broke, but that doesn`t mean i can`t look good, right?!

here, i share my personal style in addition to sharing tips on raising your credit score + budgeting yourself. also, i keep it absolutely real here.

authenticity & self-love is very important to me and is the foundation of broke but high maintenance. if i didn`t keep it real with myself, this blog would not exist. i invite you to take this journey with me, and hopefully, you are able to learn something, anything from my truth.

the broke girl