8.25 | a groove, provided by stella

i thought to myself, do i need these? and what do you think the answer was? ...right, the answer was no, i didn`t need them - BUT my "want" game is so strong that I bought them anyway. my justification being that statement shoes are always a must.

i love that this shoe is transitional, so i`m not limited to just wearing them during the warmer seasons. the oxford-style of the shoe, contrasting rubber sole with the wood wedge, and the brown wicker really stood out in comparison to the other styles. i thought i would hate the square toe, but it looked very chic with the style of the shoe. i had walked past these beauties quite a few times, but seeing them on a co-worker really solidified the purchase for me. he paired the brown platform shoes with a fitted navy suit, and that really elevated the look. & he was working that shit, okay! then... he says... these are 50% off. ya`ll know i ran over to the shoe department so fast. lol. i tried on a 6.5, since i`m usually between a 6-7 because i have a big foot & a little foot. don`t ask. lol. they fit perfectly, but i`m unsure of whether i will be able to wear my favorite thick socks. it`s fine though because the shoes look so cute on my feet that i didn`t care.

a fun fact, in case you didn`t know, is that stella mccartney is committed to providing animal and eco-friendly fashion, so the wood used for this shoe came from a certified sustainable source. also, non-leather, cruelty-free materials were used as well. i really think that`s dope of stella because she consistently showcases that it is possible to provide the high fashions through sustainable practices.

- the broke girl