9.12 | secure the bag

While June was trying to empty out her closet, I was trying to find ways to fill my closet up (when I shouldn`t be). I missed the previous three closet cleanses that the fashion guru held, and I thought I was going to miss this one, too. However, my friend Erin was my motivation to go and I am super happy that I did not miss out again.

I met Erin at around 10 at the boutique. We waited for a few before June arrived to set up shop. Let me just say this... I knew June was the truth - but to see her in person, in action - I realized what I wanted to be in life: her. i was also very excited to see that we semi-matched with our nautical stripes & stella`s on! holla.

the anticipation of what was to come was really intense. when we were called in, i had to clutch my bag because i just knew i was gonna want more than i could actually afford... and i did! but - i was well behaved and limited myself to three items (four, if you count my new suit as separates).

I got my hands on a gently used Balenciaga handbag. Now, i had been gushing about this burgundy Balenciaga bag that I wanted soooo bad, but just couldn`t bring myself to pay that price. lordt. so I am extremely happy that I was able to find this.

i also found a gem, hidden in the back: a dolce & gabbana pinstriped suit with an oversized blazer. YALL. when i tell you i screamed! i just wished & prayed it was my size. i tried it on right there on the floor and it FIT. then i saw the price and it was a done deal.

i also purchased june`s "role model" tee, just because it`s an easy throw on and it`s cute. i wanted her pullover that featured an image of her wearing that beautiful fur, but someone purchased the last one.

all in all, i`m super satisfied with my things! i`ll get around to posting full photos of them soon. i`ve been swamped with work and homework, so...

- the broke girl