6.3 | girl...

get your shit together.
get it all together & put it in a backpack.
all your shit, so it`s together.
- morty

you know what drives me completely crazy? having so many cool ideas, but lacking the motivation to execute them. i honestly have a hard time narrowing things down and focusing on one thing at a time... even when it comes to making a simple blog post. you know how many times i write, erase... write some more, delete + backspace?! i always have a million things running through my mind. i have so much to say, so much to do. always.

getting my shit together, for me, means learning how to focus on what i really want. i want to zoom in on the things that i am truly passionate about, the things that i dream about daily. once i`m able to do that, i believe i will find happiness and solace in that. lately, my focus has been my digital art so my ipad has been getting lots of quality time with me. i`ve even made myself available for commission work since i have some free time. i`ve been experimenting with my new art style and forcing myself to be more vulnerable + open with sharing my work. i`ve started a new art portfolio + uploaded artwork for sell on my site as well... we will see how that goes. lol.

with my free time, i also engaged in some much needed self-care, such as devouring a sweet, glazed donut (visuals below). i was away with my dad and sister, and thank god, because i desperately needed this mini vacation. my dad is always planning these mini vacays because he understands the importance of getting away from what stresses you out to enjoy what life has to offer. i appreciate that so much because lawd, toxic environments are not the business! nobody wants to stress or have any type of negativity around them 24/7. you must break out of those environments in order to feed your soul, so that`s what we did.

i also broke out my new mules to max & relax in the beautiful weather. i really love these mules, ya`ll. i won`t lie tho, my ankles be twistin' a little bit, but beauty is pain. lol. i paired them with my button-up wrap skirt, layered over my light wash wide legged ankle denim. i loved the raw hem + straight fit of these. they really compliment my shape + size. my skirt was purchased at 30% off of the original price (which i can`t remember), but it`s so worth it. this skirt is so versatile! i completed the look with my motto tee (get yours here) and gold sunnies.

lastly, blonde butt length braids are back :)

skirt whistles denim madewell top bbhm sunnies gucci
- the broke girl