10.9 | introducing... the broke girl

i'm just a broke girl
with expensive taste

the broke girl
after years of unhealthy spending habits and living out of shopping bags, i finally realized that i needed to get my shit together. broke but high maintenance is just my reality documented in blog posts. my shopping habits (along with student debt) landed me in a very bad place financially and now, i`m learning and growing from those mistakes while breaking that bad habit. i keep it absolutely real here (unlike many other bloggers). one, i am broke; two, i buy everything that i post about with my own money; and three, i want to teach others how to shop smarter without breaking the bank along with some financial advice that i`ve learned along my journey to financial freedom.

please note: i do like to splurge a little here + there, especially during a good sale. what can i say? i`m a sucker for branding + good quality. don`t judge me.

on a realer note: authenticity & self-love is very important to me and is the foundation of broke but high maintenance. if i didn`t keep it real with myself, this blog would not exist. i invite you to take this journey with me, and hopefully, you are able to learn something, anything from my truth.

- the broke girl