11/20 | #fashionistacon2017: the whitby

on october 28, i took a chance and entered a giveaway hosted by Dapper Dan to attend fashionista.com`s fifth annual fashionistacon. i typically avoid giveaways because i never win, but i didn`t want to shoot myself down before i even tried. i`ve also been having a great week, after also winning a mall giveaway (that i declined) and getting the opportunity to interview with a company i liked, so i figured why not? so... i did what was required of me, submitted my entry and kinda forgot about it. however, on november 1, i checked my e-mail at around 6am and discovered that i had won. i was so shocked, ya`ll. i couldn`t believe i really won.

the event was held at the whitby, which was a beautiful hotel decorated in amazing abstract art. it was an all-day event, starting at 9:45am and ending at 5pm. there were multiple interviews and lots of great individuals who sat on the panel who provided amazing insight and advice to individuals looking to establish a career in the fashion or beauty industry. i was granted the opportunity to also sit one-on-one with an amazing guy who is a retail reporter and he offered me such great words of encouragement.

i recorded a few bits and pieces but was most inspired by the stories of sarah rutson, prabal gurung and dapper dan. i tried to absorb as much information as possible. i think it`s great that fashionista hosts this event every year, using their platform to assist people who feel like they lack the resources or opportunities to land their dream job. individuals were able to ask the professionals questions directly and receive an answer. after the panel discussions, the panel speakers mingled and chatted with the attendees, took photos, etc.

pictured with dapper dan (@dapperdanharlem

pictured with prabal gurung (@prabalgurung)

we received a hefty goody bag with the following contents (yes, i`m going to list them):
  • redken curvaceous conditioning cleanser
  • purple glitter nail polish from c├┤te
  • free fitness + dance class at studio b
  • biotin gummies from hum
  • information for a design + manufacturing company
  • 20% off at chillhouse
  • cooling wipe for those sweaty dayzzz from zero k
  • hydrating shampoo + conditioner from verb
  • lippie from urban decay
  • protein bar from kind
  • glycolic-acid peel pads from bliss
  • whitening strips from oral essentials
  • brightening concealer from it
  • moisturizing serum from erno laszlo
  • cashmere socks from happy socks
  • bamboo charcoal face mask from feel
  • a bottle of core water
  • a bag of nyx goodies: pin-up pout lippie, whipped cream facial cleanser + eyeshadow

here is a short clip of prabal gurung`s interview.

- the broke girl