7.20 | slick rick

this store was amazing.

I was like a child in a candy store when I entered the rick owens shop for the first time. i went to look at a pair of shoes and had no real intentions of purchasing a pair. however, once he said 50% off, ya girl was sold! I think the final selling price was $355, but I’m too afraid to look at the receipt. I initially wanted to see the high top canvas sneaker, but only the low top was available. Once I tried it on, It was def a done deal.

The specialist was super sweet and helpful. He definitely made me feel even better about my purchase lol. I know not to take my ass in there again because whew chile... the prices! There were so many things I wanted, Lawd. To help me cope with my purchase and the fact that I wanted more, Jacob (my sweet specialist) provided me with a nice look book. I love look books.

- the broke girl