8.17 | on the move, kinda

this week has been long + exhausting. lawd. between my responsibilities at work, my commute, creating real, honest content for my blog + trying to stay productive with my art... it`s def been tough. however, i made it to the end of the week, so that`s more than enough to be thankful for.

i was supposed to set new goals and all that good stuff, but i still haven`t done any of that. i feel like life is moving extremely fast and i barely have enough time to think. the only thing that i maintain + keep track of are the due dates of bills. i definitely work my hardest to stay up to date with those, not only because they need to be paid, but one of my biggest goals was to be debt free before i`m 30. i`ve always been big on maintaining a 700+ credit score since i was 18, so the credit score isn`t really my problem. i just really want to bring that total amount of debt, which i will not disclose (lol), down.

while financial goals are great to have, i think it`s equally important to set other goals outside of financial goals. for me, i definitely want to do more with my brand + art. i`ve already started planning one event, but i have a hard time truly dedicating myself to projects because there is literally always something happening in my life. i need to find a balance. a true balance.

i`ve been able to find some balance in styling my fits, though. you like that transition, don`t you? lol. anyway. one of my ultimate, favorite pieces (i know i say this about everything) is this oversized navy pinstripe blazer [i gushed about this purchase here]. it has such a masculine look, but it`s so easy to add a touch of femininity through your accessorizing, your choice of shoe, etc. i paired this beauty with a basic men`s hanes white tee and some men`s levi`s that i cut into shorts. i traded in my black strappy heels from call it spring for my new black strappy heels from helmut lang. i had been dying to get my hands on these for a while and i finally did, for a low price of $60. i`ve been using my louis bag as a work briefcase since it`s huge and can store my notebooks. + as usual, my accessory game is very simple: my gold double banded choker that i love from forever 21.

blazer dolce & gabbana shorts levi`s tee hanes heels helmut lang bag louis vuitton
- the broke girl