10.21 | things change, they don`t stay the same.

what do you think about change? are you resistant because you believe that changing means you`re not being real with yourself? in actuality, recognizing that change is necessary shows just how real you are. we have to change in some way, in order to grow & continue to develop. if you are resistant to change, you are a constant... not evolving, at a standstill.

i didn`t want to change. i was consistently engaging in negative and self-sabotaging behaviors. i have to say, no matter what way i tried to spin it, i was toxic to myself. i wore rose colored lens over my cat eyed miu miu`s, telling myself that my decisions were fine and i would be okay. but they weren`t and i wasn`t okay. i was making impulsive, immature decisions as if i was still a teenager but I am an adultan adult with bigger and more important responsibilities.

i had to change.

there are things that i don`t want to do and i have to suck it up & do it anyway. i understand that there are other factors that may affect my willingness to do it, but i have to figure out ways to find happiness in things i don`t want to do. for instance, working. there are days when i enjoy it and definitely times when i don`t. when i`m working and i`m in a mood, i try to find things to help me manage and get through the day. i find that eating my fave foods/snacks help lol. i was introduced to my newest addiction, the doughnut project, by my dear friend, brooke (of sincerelyemilybrooke). an instant pick-me-up was located just a few blocks away!

i perused the site to see what would catch my eye (i love pretty treats), but most importantly, what would satisfy my sweet tooth. i chose the chandonut, a sweet and delectable donut infused with rosé and covered in pink frosting garnished with edible rose petals & gold shimmer. i mean, if this ain`t broke but high maintenance then what is?! now when i need a drink, i can just grab this donut to lighten my mood.

the shop has many other tasty looking choices, but i`ve had this donut three times and have not been tempted to stray yet. i just might cry if they discontinue selling it. however, life will go on and i will too because things change.

what are some of your favorite pick-me-ups?

- the broke girl