1.12 | prioritize yourself

been a minute, been a while! i have been prioritizing myself lately. giving myself time to just be. i`m constantly working on getting my shit together + staying away from distractions. not that my blog is a distraction, but i just haven`t been able to dedicate my time to creating the content that i want. i`ve been working on my new budget plans, too, ya know? getting my financials right so i can get back to shopping + styling + doing the things that i love. before 2020 ended, there were a few things i needed to get done and... i did it! nothing too major, but definitely necessary.

1. restore my skin.

life was just tearing my poor skin apart, ya`ll! i did not want stress to be showing on my face, honey.  i needed something quick and my sister recommended the ordinary. so i went on their site, racked up while they had a sale + now i have been restored. you can watch me talk about the products i use here → My Experience with The Ordinary.

2. save, save + save.

i have three savings account. yes - it`s that serious. rainy day savings, bitch don`t touch savings and one that i`ve just been building with spare change/dollar bills. once i finish paying this debt off, i can continue to build on my savings while still having a healthy checking account. my ultimate goal is to just have money and not have to always check what`s in my account. lol.

my car is paid off. three credit cards are already paid off. i have two credit cards and a personal loan left (i`m not counting my student loans). oh wait! chile, i forgot i applied for a nordstrom card while on my break buying some margiela pants! yes - i slipped up + had a moment. lol. i ended up returning the pants ($755, i`m ashamed) because my waist was too small for them, and i bought christmas gifts instead. lol so that makes three credit cards and a personal loan. good lord! i`ll make it though. my personal loan + nordstrom will be paid off in about two-three months. i have some ways to go with my bloomies + other personal credit card, but i`ll get there!

i`ve been doing my monthly budget + i`m planning on creating something really special that i hope people will love; something really useful + necessary! i bring my budget book with me to work everyday + map things out because once my money is straight, i will definitely have less damn problems. i try not to let finances stress me out, but sometimes it can be overwhelming. when i bring my book with me, i feel better because it`s a visual of my progress. it shows me that i`m ahead of the game and i`m so much closer to reaching those financial goals that i`ve set for myself.

3. picture perfect.

i was patient with myself + didn`t force myself to be productive then good things happened. i was able to pull out my canvas + create something that is magical to me. i just had to give myself time and take the pressure off. i was feeling down because i was in this creative slump. i didn`t feel inspired. i didn`t feel artistic, skilled or anything. i didn`t feel anything. applying pressure to myself to produce something didn`t help. i would pick up a pencil and hate every mark on the paper. i was unhappy with the bit of art i created simply because it wasn`t created with the same joy i once had. i was just doing it to feel productive. my idea of being busy, but i soon realized that being busy being productive.

i uploaded a timelapse of the piece that i created/am in the process of creating. i`m still undecided on if i will add to it. i just wanted to capture the essence of what i was feeling, so i don`t want to overdo it. you can watch that here → My Art Process!

4. wardrobe consolidation.

i hold onto things because of emotional attachment, including clothing that i don`t even wear. i`m working on breaking that habit, so i`ve been donating bags of clothes that i know will be of good use to someone in need. i`m using this time to reduce my wardrobe, mainly so i can buy staple items and things that i really, really wanted. lol. i haven`t purchased alot of things lately besides my pyer moss sneakers (which i`ll post soon although it`s been months lol) and those margiela jeans i returned. i have a very small list of things that i would like to add to my wardrobe, but i`m in no rush to buy them. just gotta keep them in my wish list for now. if they`re not available when i`m ready, it wasn`t for me... but best believe i`m going to search the innanetz for them first! LOL.

5. knowledge is power.

i made a list of books that i wanted to read in order to become more well-rounded in the business side of fashion, considering i want to launch my own collection one day. my mom asked me to share it and she bought some books for me for christmas. i started reading the fashion business manual and so far, it reinforces my thoughts about the business and my approach: it is hard and if you`re not business saavy, you will drown in your tears. lol. despite having a degree in marketing, i actually hate doing the work to market my projects. i prefer just creating and letting things fall into place, but that`s not helping my business at.all. so in 2020, i`m going to be a better businesswoman!

- the broke girl