1.20 | Reebok by Pyer Moss: Experiment 4

a few months ago, i was a lucky recipient of the experiment 4`s, from the 3rd collection by Reebok x Pyer Moss. i remember leaving work, rushing to get on the site because i was already late, only to discover that my size was already sold out on the brand`s site. it was literally only fifteen minutes after the drop went public on the site! disappointed was an understatement. i wanted these so bad.

i went to vent about it on twitter and Mikayla, founder of hersole, sent me a direct link to a pair. a true gem, ya`ll! she is fly as hell + she knows her shit, specializing in sneakers + streetwear. check her outttt. she looked out for ya girl + i was able to get a pair from bodega (w/ a coupon too!).  altogether i paid $237 for them. honestly, i feel like i owe her a gift. i never tried so hard to buy anything in life until these dropped. they were delivered while i was at work + i was so impatient that i had my sister open the package, try them on + send me a picture. lol.

when i finally slid my feet in them, i instantly noticed how comfortable they were. i was already in love with the colorway, but they looked even better up close + personal. they go so well with pretty much everything in my closet, too. i love the sneaker`s silhouette and the outside sole. it elongates me a bit with the mini platform, so ya know i`m loving that lol.

i also really loved kerby`s notes on the inside sole & tongue. i`ve worn these so many times that the logo on the other sole was worn off lol. hence why there is no photo of it. you can also see the aftermath of walking through the nyc streets all over my sole, too lol.

i`m still considering getting the other colorway, but i`m working on my discipline.

here are the details straight from the site:

Durable rubberized leather mudguard
Knit upper with lux handfeel
Molded tpu heel plate
Molded tpu shroud with integrated lacing system
Decorative tpu gems
Velour lining
Double layer tongue
Insta Pump Fury split tooling

"we gotta leave this ground you`re walking
on a little better for the kids"

- the broke girl