2.16 | be present

january was such a weird month. it feels like it lasted forever, but also seems short now that its come to an end. i have learned one huge lesson this month: be present. i always preach about being intentional with your actions, working to figure out your purpose and yadda yadda, but i never thought about what it means to be present. to truly live in the moment. soak it all in. thoroughly enjoy it.

i felt this while i was out celebrating my friend`s birthday. i typically don`t stay out after work because of my commute, but i wanted to be there to witness her moment, to celebrate this special occasion with her, to be present with her as she welcomes a new year of life. i was also on my period (TMI, i know), which is usually kicking my ass, but my body strangely behaved so well. i do believe it is because i told myself that this would be a day that i enjoy, and i was going to be positive about how i was feeling so i could truly be present in the moment.

when the time came to head out to the flour shop, i was ready and excited. i was not going to think about going home or about the time or about anything that would distract me from what i planned on doing. i was going to allow myself to have a good time.

too often, we think we`re present but we aren`t; we`re thinking about tomorrow or distracted by things that haven`t even happened. we have to find the strength in ourselves to really focus on living in the now. i know that sounds difficult, but it`s a must yall. allow yourselves to be free of restraint, especially when it comes to having a moment to yourself. why punish ourselves with the idea of time and restrictions? we need to get in touch with that inner child: that carefree being that lives rent-free in our mind that we need to let roam outside once in a while.

we definitely let ours out when we saw this cake explosion. it was the cutest thing! my ass could not handle all of the sweetness from the cake + the sweets, but i def enjoyed it. being there made me really happy that i did not force myself to go home or make an excuse as to why i needed to go home.

so the only thing i hope you guys takeaway from this is..... be present !! stay out of your head. stay off of your phone. live in the moment. savour that moment like it`s the last piece of good food you`ll ever taste. capture that moment in your memory.

lol, okay is that too much?

- the broke girl