2.19 | did i do that?

so... the other night, i was thinking of different ways my life could have turned out if i did certain things differently. like, what if i didn't major in communications? would i have graduated on time? what if i chose a different career path? what if i stayed at that one job? what if i didn`t go back to receive my master`s? my thoughts were driving me crazy! my mind just wouldn't turn off. it was 11pm and i was supposed to be sleeping.

however, my mind was racing and then somewhere along the way, it got to the point where i was thinking of my birthday. i thought about celebrating and not letting stress consume me. then... i somehow ended up on my nordstrom app, perusing through my wishlist. before i knew it, i bought a pair of sneakers: nike shox TL nova. i was instantly drawn to the cream, orange + white colorway and the full-length Shox sole. there was another pair with the purple sole (sooo pretty!), but i didn`t buy them.

i rolled my eyes so hard at myself and closed my app. but i guess i wasn't satisfied because then i opened it back up and bought a pair of boots. a pair of Margiela tabi boots. MARGIELA TABI BOOTS. they are $980!! what is wrong with me?

i was literally just stressing about money and having to pay so many things in a month... yet here we are. i am justifying these purchases as early birthday gifts, since my birthday is coming soon and i actually did want a pair of Tabi boots for my birthday. so yes, happy early birthday to me!

here`s the thing... *clears throat and prepares for encouraging speech* we can be responsible and still enjoy life. we can buy the things that we want and take care of business simultaneously. i`ve been doing it for a minute. i just became overwhelmed with life [it happens] and became irresponsible for a minute; i had a little hiccup. lol. some days we are just feeling down and need a pick-me-up. just don`t go overboard and bite off more than you can chew.

- the broke girl