9.14 | i'm not okay

send help !! this pandemic has been taking thee biggest toll on my life, ya`ll. honestly, this was supposed to be my year (i know, we always say that, but i`m forreal). i was happy at work, i moved into my apartment, created an art/sewing studio (the broke lab, haha), saved a bunch of money, and i was going to finally get my passport. yup, this was going to be the year that i travel... like really travel, out of the country travel. i was beyond excited, but now all of those plans are halted.

so yes, i`m an emotional wreck! i thought this was going to be the year i finally used my money for shit other than clothes that i barely wear. instead, i`ve been buying home decor by the boatload (can`t complain tho) with a sprinkle of a shirt, pants, etc. here and there lol. that`s how this outfit came about: a little quarantine blues led me to the checkout page of zara, bloomingdale`s and a black-owned eyewear shop, iiirdeyeview (thanks zerina!)

outside opened up a bit back in august, so we decided to do something nice for my mama`s birthday. ya girl was nervous or whatever, but we have to make the best of the time that we have, right? i wanted to be super casual with a little edge, you know, since it`s been a while since i was able to go outside. i made my debut in this helmut lang tank with the detachable straps. i think the straps are soooo cute when they`re left to hang and gives such a laid-back vibe to the look. i felt sassy! lol. you can hear more about the details of this top here. i purchased it from bloomingdale`s because i got a better deal there than on the helmut lang site. you know, you have to alternate between the stores to find the best deals, lol. i paired the top with these jeans that i purchased on sale at zara. i was in desperate need of jeans since my quarantine fifteen, and i learned that i was cutting it close with these jeans, but they fit and that`s all that matters at this point. lol. i love the pleated detail and how the cuff looks when worn over heels. i accessorized with my telfar (of course!) and my creme + black sunnies from iiirdeyeview. you can check out all of their eyewear selections here.

top helmut lang jeans zara shoes dolce & gabbana sunnies iiird eyeview purse telfar
- the broke girl