9.21 | do you, stay true

blogging nowadays seems to be a dying art, but i find so much peace in writing and viewing the aesthetics of a written blog. i`ve been blogging on this platform since my sophomore year of college before it blew up, became greatly monetized + slowly started fading in the background because of social media. you`d think i would have been a huge influencer by now for how long i`ve been doing this, but i never saw money coming out of it and i wasn`t interested in monetizing (well.. sometimes lol). it was like an escape for me and i shared lots of emotional and personal stories on here before transitioning into a more fashion-centric platform.

writing in this style diary makes me happy and i could push a little harder to get more opportunities but i really prefer when things happen organically and are genuine. i think fashion influencers can be a bit inauthentic and too trendy. it`s just too fake for me and it reflects in lots of their outfits as well, if i`m being honest. lol. so if i have to remain in my little bubble by staying true to myself, i`m cool with that. i only want to occupy spaces that are for me. i don`t want to feel like i`m forcing myself to be in spaces where i don`t fit, ya know? and that`s not to say that i don`t belong in certain spaces, but i want what feels right to me.

ya`ll know i`m big on authenticity, originality and purposei want that to always be in the dna of everything that i touch, create, stand for. even in the things that i wear... i`m not buying anything that i don`t like for the sake of generating lots of likes and attention on social media. i have to give people me, and that`s reflected in what i wear.

// there`s lots of trends and waves to ride out there and when they die out, who do you become? what`s left of you if all you`ve done is ride on  the coattails of the trends? //

when i think about how i want to be viewed in the fashion industry, i often think of martin margiela. he built his legacy on anonymity, but he was so authentic at the same time. he`s created many pieces that are regurgitated in maaaaany other brands and he did this by sticking to who he was. i`m so intrigued by his story and i feel so deeply connected to the ethos of his brand. that`s what makes me want to buy maison margiela! it`s not for everyone. when i wear any of my margiela pieces, especially my tabi boots, i just feel invincible. it`s just something about that brand that makes me feel... alive? lol. 

i wore my tabi`s today with this black maxi skirt that has a very sporty feel and look to it. i really enjoyed the texture of this skirt and the fact that it has pockets. i mean, who doesn`t love a skirt with pockets? i wanted to add a bit of femininity to this look, so i paired it with this ecru colored tank crop. my favorite part of this top was the snakeskin hem; it`s very subtle but such a nice touch. i also loved that it had a bit of a structured fit while also accentuating my body. thank you mugler! i spoke about these purchases here if you wanted a bit more detail, like cost and where i purchased from (and also if you just want to hear me talk about it lol). i just love how these neutral colors look soooo good together... it`s so... creamy. lol.

[ also, i am not mad. it`s just my face lol. ]

photographed by Keith (@lowfiveghost on IG)

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- the broke girl