12.18 | ignite your own flame

yes, i know. ya girl has been missing in action for a minute. are you really surprised? lol. with this whole pandemic still going strong, i had to find ways to deal with everything that`s happening in my personal life (outside of my coping mechanisms from my last post). there`s been alot of sad days for me, so i`ve been chasing the sun after the rain.

chasing the sun led me to tuesday. i wanted to do something drastic. i was ready for a huge change, something that makes me ask myself: "what the hell were you thinking?" but in a good way. i had honestly been talking about doing this particular thing for a minute, but couldn`t get myself to follow through. well... i got tired of talking the talk. it was time to do some walking, honey.

today, i ignited my own flame—i had my natural hair dyed beautiful hues of oranges and reds. yep, i sure did. i vlogged about it and you can watch the process on my channel here.

as i was browsing for the right colorist, i kept coming to dead ends. i was being really particular and i also did not want to travel too far. i had almost given up, ya`ll. one night, tho, i was on instagram and a hair photo popped up on my explore page. after clicking on the photo and being directed to the page, i stumbled upon a stylist who specialized in natural hair. a light bulb instantly went off in my head and i spiraled down a rabbit hole. i was all up and through her page! lol. i also found that she worked at this salon that my sister had told me about. she fell in love with the font of the storefront and told me to check it out. how coincidental is that? haha.

after deciding on a color, i sat on it and thought about when i should schedule a consultation. a few hours later, i sent a text to schedule an appointment. fast forward to the day of my consultation, i entered the salon and instantly fell in love. it was so warm and welcoming. it really set the mood and made me feel relaxed. after meeting brianna, i was even more relaxed. she made me feel comfortable and i didn`t feel forced to make decisions (ya`ll know how some people do). after my consultation, i scheduled my appointment. now, the waiting game . . .

it was such a long process, ya`ll. i was at the salon from 11am to about 5pm, but it was soooo worth it. i had never had my hair professionally colored; i also had not had real heat or a trim applied to my hair since my 3rd big chop three years ago. i knew that i was going to have to get rid of some of that deadweight called split ends. i wasn`t afraid to lose length, tho.

here is where we started: my 4c natural, never been trimmed hair. after she stretched my hair, we began the dyeing process. 

i loved that she did a darker red at the roots and the lighter orange everywhere else. she said that it will look better as my new growth comes in. the transition of the colors in my hair looks bomb !! i cannot wait to see how it looks with my curls. also, i did wince a little at my ends but she reassured me that it wasn`t as bad as it looks and that i`d been doing a good job maintaining my ends. i may be a little lazy naturalista, but i know what i`m doing lol. i dust my ends very frequently and keep my 4c curls moisturized; now i just have to kick it up a few notches now that my hair has been bleached and colored.

and..... for the final look!

there you have it. a little sunshine for your day! :) if you guys want to gas me up and compliment me in the comments, please feel free to do so. please share and get my girl brianna some more exposure because she.did.her.thing!!! okay. got me feeling like a brand new bentley truck or something. if you are in the NJ/NY area and looking for a natural hair specialist, check her out on instagram @b.lynnbeautybar. also, don`t forget to ignite your own flame, ya`ll. light it upppp!

- the broke girl