5.26 | Langin` Around

so summer is approaching and trips are in order! i have been buying things for my trip in june and completely forgot that i don`t own any luggage. how crazy is that? i`ve purchased so many things that i didn`t even remember that i bought them. i know, that`s sad, but hey... lol. that`s also what happened with one of the tops that i`m wearing, but i`ll get to that shortly. i have been meaning to film another mini haul with some of the cute things i`ve purchased, but your girl just been so busy! after work, i try to do a little bit of stuff for my brand but that typically includes drawing, figuring out next move for merch... you know, things like that. filming just takes up so much time because then i have to edit, watch clips a bajillion times and then change my mind about the topic of the video altogether (don`t judge me). i`m going to really set some time aside and film that video, though. one day!

but back to my no luggage having ass going on a trip... i`m way too particular about the type of luggage i want and then i don`t know how i`m even going to fit half of the stuff i planned to bring. i really do not want more than one suitcase, but hmm.. it`s looking like i may not have a choice. i told myself i was adopting a minimalist lifestyle, but clearly, the minimalist lifestyle does not want to adopt me back! also, i should do like a video of my vacation looks. hmm. look at me planning knowing i`m going to forget to do it. i`m going to need about seven or more different looks just in case i change my mind throughout the day, so i`ll be going over everything i bought once my last top comes in before i make my final decision. i`ll try to remember to film something.

i never really shop for summer, so i was really specific about the items i purchased because i want them to be my all season staples. ya`ll know i love my transitional pieces lol. i really enjoy wearing my stuff repeatedly and challenging myself to always style them differently while staying true to me. 

that`s what i did with this strappy helmut lang top. i shared in this video how versatile it is, and in this look, i did layer it like i said i would. i layered it underneath this one shoulder helmut lang jersey top that i completely forgot i purchased. i only remembered purchasing it when it arrived to my apartment, lmao. i also remember not needing it but it was $25, so i figured it was a steal and i shouldn`t pass on it.

i paired these tops with a pair of jeans i purchased from the men`s department at banana republic. i don`t remember if i posted about these, but the fit is sooo perfect. it`s a men`s skinny fit, so it still hugs your body + your curves with a bit more breathability due to it being a bit more relaxed than women`s jeans. at least that`s what i think lol. they are so much more comfortable than women`s jeans to me. i did my favorite cuff and then wore my ricks.

also, as you can see, my roots have grown out and chile... it is time for a touch up. i`m going to hold out a bit longer because i want some orange knotless braids for my trip, but i know my hair really needs some TLC + a trim. i have such a funny story to tell but i think i`m going to leave it for a video, so... i guess i definitely will be filming because i just have to share it!

another also... yes i have lived in my apartment for almost a year and i have only managed to hang a small portion of my artwork. lol. terrible, i know. anyway, hope you all enjoyed this post and are planning your trips for this summer cause outside is kinda opening up. get you a little slice of happiness, ya`ll.

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- the broke girl