5.12 | Balenciaga Mama

today was a good day. i got to play photographer with my friend jasmine, who is always the perfect muse. i`ve been trying to level up with my photography, with hopes to be able to shoot my own looks sometimes and creative direct bomb shoots with my frandzzz. i think i have a pretty good eye for shots, but of course there is always more to learn and always room for improvement.

i`m all about working towards being better and learning new things. i was recently promoted (ya`ll like how i slid that in there?) and it was a very defining moment for me. it was so unexpected, but it was also right on time for me.

[  h o w  i t  s t a r t e d ]
after i left my previous job almost three years ago, i was unemployed for almost a year ya`ll. that unenjoyment was pretty nice, though! lol. but a really good friend of mine asked me to share a freelance opportunity to anyone i thought would be a good fit, but i couldn`t think of anyone... except myself lol. i almost didn`t take it because i wasn`t sure what i wanted to do with myself, but after much consideration, i took the opportunity. who knew that it would take me this far? i am sooo thankful for her for even extending the opportunity and for just being such a good friend and mentor. she knows who she is :) after four months, i was hired full-time and i was learning so much about textiles. at my previous job, i worked more on just fabric approvals but at my current job, i`m more hands on with the developments of all raw materials, so this was definitely more exciting.

then... i was laid off in july (womp womp), right after i moved into my apartment, but my team fought for me and my position. i continued working throughout the pandemic and last month, the opportunity for advancement came. i thought my last salary was the highest i`d ever get but boy, i was wrong. of course, i`m never going to disclose numbers but ya`ll... i just feel so blessed. i`m proud of myself and i`m happy that i continued to work hard and dedicate myself to learning; this allowed me to not only being an asset to the company, but an asset to myself.

after two-stepping into my new role, i thought it would be cool to enroll into a few textiles classes over the summer just to gain more in-depth knowledge of the textile industry.

wait - i have another funny story before i finish: last year, i was going to pay to attend a coding class because i thought that was my calling. i didn`t follow through. then a few months later, i enrolled into community college to study retail merchandising, but my schedule was not very accommodating, so that didn`t go anywhere. a few months after that, i enrolled into a different community college to study interior design, and again, my schedule was not accommodating, so nothing happened. you would think i`d stop trying, right? nope! lol.

so yes, i`m enrolled again but this time, i will be taking two textile courses forreal. i`m excited! when i was in the process of starting a clothing line (another thing i haven`t followed through on), i purchased alot of textile books, so i feel like everything is coming full circle. i just hope the classes are actually worth it though because some of these courses are full of shit you can learn at youtube university. i can`t wait to just really deep dive into the world of textiles from a technical/academic standpoint and be able to really grow in my position. it`s just really exciting ya`ll :) whatever ya`ll do, never stop learning! push yourself to just be more knowledgeable about things because it will definitely take you far.

okay enough about all of that before i get carried away. lol. let`s get into these photos. i took really good photos of my friend jasmine, but she played photographer for me, too. for this look, i wore this fitted, belted corset dress (who am i with these corsets, lately?) that i was afraid i wasn`t going to fit in. your girl gained more than the quarantine 15 and i am not disciplined enough to work out... yet. i`ll get to it, eventually. anywho, the dress was a bit revealing at the top and i wasn`t in the mood to show skin, so i layered it over a sheer lace top. i wanted to really keep it casual (don`t i always?) so i completed the look with my air force 1`s.

i wore my broke beanie, which you can find here, and my giant balenciaga city bag. okay, i have yet another story. lol! ya`ll gonna get tired of me, but *clears throat* i was really considering selling this bag.  if you remember, i bought this bag at a really good price from june ambrose. i wasn`t sure how often i would really use it, so i put it up on ebay and heroine since these bags are still selling for a pretty penny. after a while, i took it down because i just felt like maybe i should hang on to it; i used to obsess over the bag before i actually bought it, so i was second guessing myself. then a few weeks later, i`m on my fashion fairy godmother`s page, watching her stories and stuff. if you didn`t know, my fashion fairy godmother is no other than amanda murray, best known as londongirlinnyc on instagram. she was telling the back story about this bag and i DM'd her about mine. she told me i should definitely hang on to the bag, so here it is... with me, where it`s staying. thanks amanda! <3

my beautiful friend jasmine and i.
she`s the girly jasmine, obviously lol.

dress gareth pugh top helmut lang sneakers nike af1 beanie bbhm
-the broke girl