5.5 | gucci bamboo

I had been looking for these gucci bamboo heels for a quick minute. i really wanted the ones tom ford designed while he was there, but my size was sold out everywhere, of course. that`s what happens when you`re tardy to the party. BUT as you all know, i did not give up and guess what? i found ones that i loved, although they came with a hefty price tag of $495 *face palm*. at first, i was telling myself "don`t do it girl", but the other part of me was like... "i did it". i won`t lie... they are a bit uncomfortable. the straps are a little tight around the toesies, but it`s manageable. i paired it with my simonett top, that i styled differently in this video, worn over a crisp white baby tee. this simonett type is very versatile but you may bust a brain vessel trying to make the styling work. lol. you may or may not risk having an exposed boob or two. my top slipped down throughout the whole day, but i still love this top. the versatility that it offers for only $60 is unbeatable.

also, you know you can never go wrong with a white tee. it`s a top tier staple, right next to the leather jacket. it definitely brought the chill, laid-back vibe to this look.

to tie everything together, what`s better than a slim fit pair of jeans. ya`ll know i love good denim. i bought these from banana republic, from my favorite department: men`s! there was a sale going on, but i really don`t remember how much these were. i want to say around $40. i purchased two pair: a slim fit and a skinny fit. i`m wearing the slim fit, which is a more relaxed fit, and i chose the longer length. i`m petite so the longer length looks better when cuffed and uncuffed due to the looser fit. it gives that baggy, tomboy look without the saggy butt. it`s fitted in the waist area and still hugs the body, but not too much (as you all can see).

when i think about my personal style, i`ve learned that i`m not just one dimensional. the consistent part of my style is that i simply like to be comfortable and cozy, but that always looks different. i used to say i wanted to have a "uniform"—a look about myself that was continuous and easily recognizable as "me" (like mary kate & ashley, lol)—but i`ve grown to know that i`m a little bit of everything and that`s okay. i`m finally okay with not being able to define my style as just this one thing. i`m inspired by many things and i try to incorporate those things into my everyday comfy & cozy style.

i like a good denim + simple tee combo, but i`m also a fan of mini skirts + oversized tees. i like a sexy crop + cutout top with a maxi skirt, too. i just like whatever speaks to me.

do you guys have a "uniform" look? have you found it difficult to truly define your personal style?

sidenote: it`s also definitely time for me to get a touch up on this head of mine. i can`t believe how much new growth i have. the color photographs so good, even when my hair looks a mess! lol. i love that cause chile, i look a mess alot of times lol. doing my hair just takes so much time and energy. your girl just be TIEDDD (yes, TIED).

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- the broke girl