10.5 | west coast livin'

 i`ve been so behind on this blog. i`m embarrassed. there`s so many things that i want to share and that i will share (eventually, lol.). i can`t really explain why or how, but life has been moving both slow and fast for me. i guess i`ve had a balance of down time and being busy non-stop. well, during my down time, i managed to squeeze in a whole week away from work and the east coast as a whole.

in june, i went to las vegas for the first time. i`m sure i have explained that i am deathly afraid of flying, but i desperately needed a getaway. i travelled to the west coast with my family and it was the first time that my mom, sisters and i travelled out of the state as a group. it was really a great time and just a breath of fresh air to be away from an environment that i felt was breaking me down. 

upon arrival, it was already too damn hot, but i was so excited to be there. before the party started, we checked into our hotels and got acquainted with where we would be for the next three days (i`ll explain later). we stayed at the paris along the strip and it was pretty damn cute. i am not the type of tourist to stray too far away from the touristy spots, so i definitely was not interested in going off the strip. everything i needed was right outside of the hotel! my cousin knew her way around though so i trusted her and took the bus to the other side of town.

we brunched, we laughed, we gambled (well i only spent $5), we shopped... we just had a really good time enjoying each other`s company. we brunched at quite a few places including flights and blondies. there were so many options to choose from and most were within walking distance. we had dinner at pampas, a brazilian steakhouse, for my cousin`s birthday. it was so nice! they gave you the choice of about five meats (the garlic parmesan steak was the best), great options for sides and the drinks were so good.

we frequented the miracle mile shops to get small things here & there, and explored the other hotels and shopping malls for the more higher end stuff. that`s how i ended up at celine, lol.

i just purchased a bag and a hoodie.. yes, i know what you`re thinking: 'why the hell is she buying a hoodie in las vegas?' well... it was so cute! i couldn`t resist. i love when i`m out shopping and the ambience is just so perfect. the environment was inviting. the associates were not snooty; they were so sweet and just really enhanced my shopping experience (which is evident because i only intended on buying the bag, but the associate sold me on the hoodie). i did a mini haul showing these things here if you would like to watch that video.

in the celine store
shirt tierra whack bag target skirt burberry sneakers nike

some of the pieces i wore on my trip were from christopher john rogers x target collection, apartment 202, ellery and issey miyake to name a few. i tried to plan my wardrobe as best as i could without truly knowing what the weather was like, so i think i did a good job. after the third day of vegas festivities, we made our way to LA. if it weren`t so expensive, i would definitely move there. i`ve always wanted to live in california and i`m not sure why lol. being there though, i felt relaxed, free... i didn`t feel busy or overwhelmed. it was nice for a change. or maybe that`s just what a vacation feels like? lol.

top apartment 202 pants issey miyake sunglasses gucci

swimsuit blushmark

tank target (i wore it across one shoulder + tied it) pants sandro sneakers nike

while in LA, of course we went to rodeo drive. ya`ll, it was boring! i also was not interested in trying to figure out where everything else was, to be quite honest. however, the best part of rodeo drive was eating after a long day. i`m an extremely picky eater so when i`m hungry, i am not looking to try anything new. i want something that i know is going to be fulfilling and exactly as i imagined, lol. with that said, we ate at the cheesecake factory and yup, it was amazing just as i had imagined it would be.

also, i went to try roscoe`s chicken `n waffles and i have to say... that combo has never crossed my mind to try but i was being open-minded this day. well... we get to the restaurant and i take a look at the menu. i knew at that moment that i was not going to eat there. it just wasn`t for me, but i did give it a try :)

this trip was basically the highlight of my summer for how it made me feel and i`m happy that i got to thoroughly enjoy it. hope you all enjoyed your summer!

- the broke girl