11.28 | thankful

what are you thankful for?—that`s what we typically ask ourselves for the thanksgiving holiday, but it`s something i tend to reflect on every day. this year has been a lot different for me for various reasons and of course, i am thankful for all of the ups and downs that life has brought me thus far. so much growth has taken place and though i still have ways to go, i`m so happy at where i am in life today.

this year brought me so much clarity on what i want out of life. i have spent so much time disciplining myself and achieving accomplishments that i couldn`t see in my future before. for a long time, i knew what i wanted but in my mind, i felt that it was not achievable. why? because my actions were not reflective of someone who wanted to achieve the goals i had in mind. the old me was responsible but spent too much time, effort and money on expendable things. today, i am on track to doing the things i only dreamed of, such as buying my first house! life is both exciting yet scary right now, but i`m looking forward to all of it.

i`m thankful for the people that i still get to experience, learn from and love on every day. there are many days where i feel like crumbling and just hiding from the world, but then i get a text or a facetime and i`m back at ease again... especially during this past year. every day is uncertain but last year, that feeling of uncertainty weighed so heavy on me with me moving then being laid off, etc.. so i`m just so thankful for the opportunity to grow and be better every day.
my look for the living room was pretty simple and true to my minimal, cozy girl aesthetic. i wore my logo knit sweater that i purchased over the summer. i usually stray away from logomania but i was really drawn to the simplicity of it. it wasn`t overboard to the point that it was in your face and looked tacky (to me). i really love the warmth this sweater brings me. the fit is perfect and can easily be layered, which i think i want to try next.

i paired it with these olive cargo-like pants that my boyfriend gave to me. they`re his work pants from walmart lol. i loved the length on these because they sat on top of my sneakers just the way i like. they fit on my booty nicely as well without looking saggy and giving "diaper booty". i find that when i shop for bottoms in the men`s department, they tend to fit more nicely around the booty area for me. the color choice was perfect because that olive shade was a nice, subtle way to keep the neutral tones consistent against the pop of orange in my bag and shoes.

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- the broke girl