1.31 | welcome 2022!

Happy New Year! Wow, 2022. I didn`t know what to expect at the end of 2021, but considering how I started 2021, I am extremely impressed with myself. I have overcome so many difficulties since this pandemic attempted to take over our lives last year, but I definitely think I came out stronger and more focused than ever.

I mean, I published a whole budget book that was just an idea in my head for so many years. I sat and designed 124 pages in my apartment! I still honestly cannot even believe I did that and I am so thankful for everyone who has supported me thus far and continues to support me in various ways.

I am also just so proud of myself for continuously showing up for me, even when it was/is super hard. There are many days when I don`t even feel like getting out of bed, but I know that I have so much to offer myself and all I have to do is show up. Being present was such a challenge last year (& honestly still is a challenge for me). I felt defeated and often had to convince myself to think of all the things I`ve accomplished and still accomplishing.

But, 2022 is here and I am just looking forward to a fresh new set of 365 days. I am still on this debt-free journey and I really think I could make some good progress this year. I feel it ! I am manifesting a raise, more business and art opportunities, a new home. I would also like to get more experience in marketing and put this degree to use. Although I did complete my Master`s program, it is not the same as using the degree and being in the field. I`d like to really get into the nitty gritty of marketing and see where things can go.

I wish I was more passionate about using social media and creating content, but honestly, it`s just not my thing. I`ve been trying though, using the reels feature to showcase my looks of the day, my artwork, etc. It takes alot of work, ya`ll and I do commend everyone who wakes up and pushes out some bomb content because whew!

But... speaking of seeing where things can go, I wore this look out to go Christmas shopping. Yes—I know Christmas was last month and I`m just now posting, but things got a little crazy so forgive me lol. I did tell myself to not go overboard, but.... I did. Lol. I really enjoy gift giving, when I have the means to give of course. I also try to get meaningful and thoughtful gifts. Seeing someone smile because they received something they liked just brings me joy. I got some things from Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, SSENSE, and a few other places. I loved the Dior gift wrapping that Nordstrom used this year! It was soooo pretty.

Anyway, back to the look... My super cozy hoodie is from Illegally Owned, a lifestyle brand owned by my friend Samad. I absolutely love this color and it looks good in all seasons. I layered the hoodie over my distressed sweater that has these cut off hems. Not only did the colors marry so well, bringing a nice balance to the color palette, but I loved how the cut off hems just dangled from underneath the hoodie. I feel like it brought a nice deconstructionist vibe to the look, lol.

For my bottoms, I wore my Issey Miyake cargos and I was slightly annoyed because I wanted them to stay up, snugged around my ankles. However, my skinny ankles just wouldn`t allow me to be great. I wore my Toasty dunks, which are my new fave because this colorway was just too good. Finally, I accessorized with my Celine bag. I didn`t realize just how big it was, but in photos, it looks gigantic while hanging across my shoulders. Honestly, it looks uncomfortable but it wasn`t :)

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- the broke girl