4.11 | Cheers to me!


Yes, cheers to me !! This is a celebratory post because I`m so excited for this year and what`s to come for me. The past year brought me lots of success + good energy that I am super grateful for. I`ve grown so much and I can really see the transformation in myself (& my finances!). I`m still showing up for myself so much. more than ever, and even when I fall, I take accountability while still being gentle to myself.

I have exceeded my savings goal and looking forward to exceeding my next savings goal. I earned a raise at work. I purchased new art supplies to help me grow as an artist/business owner. Just so many great things happening for me and I`m just truly thankful.

You know, with the good comes some bad. Well, not really bad things, but I`ve been struggling a bit with focusing on really honing in on my creativity, my brand, etc. It`s still a challenge for me, just trying to figure out which route to take. Being an artist, I find it so difficult to just choose one path and follow all the way through. Merch has been a cool way to promote my brand, but it`s definitely not easy as I am not a big merch person. I don`t think that is my lane, but I`m pushing through. I purchased a heat press machine and an embroidery machine, so I`ll continue working on logo + motto tees since I have the resources readily available now. I just won`t work on new graphic ideas because it`s becoming overwhelming. I just want to find a point where I`m consistent with my brand story and able to always share that with my audience. Also, still need to figure out who my *target* audience is (LOL).

Anyway, back to celebrating... my sister had a birthday dinner and wanted us to dress up all nice and fancy for her night out. I`m always wearing my own merch, not just because it`s great marketing + promotion, but because I love it so much. 

I wore my cozy, motto hoodie and paired it with this navy pinstriped mini skirt I bought for about $15. It's just something super cute about a hoodie and mini skirt combo. I added some texture to the look and broke up the colors by wearing my tan suede belted trench. This trench makes me feel like shaft or something, lol. I completed the look with my Tabi boots and Telfar.

coat wilson`s leather hoodie broke but high maintenance skirt garage shoes margiela bag telfar
- the broke girl