6.30 | Zebra Prints

I wasn`t sure if or when I would wear this zebra skirt because I only bought it since it was on sale (I have a Youtube video about this). I pictured myself wearing it with like an oversized hoodie or something, but then as time passed (2.5 years to be exact), I never got around to buying an oversized hoodie, lol. Everytime I thought about wearing it, I just gave up the idea and wore something else. This is why I need to stop impulsive shopping!

Because I work in the city, I need to be comfy and cozy for the summer heat and the cold bus/office so I always carry my jean jacket. Ya`ll, the jean jacket is so clutch but I`m sure ya`ll know that. I had wanted to purchase the alexander wang oversized denim jacket, but missed my opportunity. Then, I wanted to buy the helmut lang trucker denim, but passed on it eventually while trying to be an adult. I eventually wore my boyfriend`s jean jacket enough that he decided to just give it to me. Sweet, right? :)

I paired my $9 skirt with my black "black fashion fair" tee (I have a YouTube video about this, too). I made sure to shave my legs a little since the skirt had a high slit in it, lol. Wearing it made me realize that I want to keep it because I wasn`t going to. Anywho, I wore my favorite pair of Nike Shox. I love these so much, ya`ll. 

At work, we went to lunch with one of our favorite suppliers and had pizza. It was also my first time eating arugula salad and artichoke. I am a suuuuper picky person and I surprised myself by eating it. Since the vibes were good, the weather was beautiful and I was in a really good mood, I figured girl, why not? Also, my director had to convince me the way she convinces her two year old childand it worked! Haha. I actually really enjoyed the arugula salad the most, but I wouldn`t care for trying the artichoke again. Lol. The texture just wasn`t it for me. 

This was a good day, though, and I`ll be saving this skirt for another day, another look!

Skirt Zara Shirt Black Fashion Fair Jacket Pacsun Sneakers Nike Bag CelinĂ©
- the broke girl