7.5 | Skirts + Sweaters

One of my favorite style combos is an oversized sweater and a skirt. This combo looks good in all seasons, except when it`s clearly way too hot. I`m not always down to sacrifice myself for a good look. However, this day was perfect because although the sun was out, there was a pretty nice breeze, so I didn`t feel like the sweater or the jean jacket was too much.

I bought this maxi skirt from milliondollarflea (hey Labria!); I fell in love with the color and the texture. These are the types of pieces that you can dress down (and up, if you choose) because it is special + unique all on its own. 

I chose to wear this skirt with my deconstructed ivory bouclée sweater, another textured piece. Ya`ll know I love a good juxtaposition moment and this is one of them for me. I am so happy that I picked this up in that messy ass store because it is one of my favorites. I have worn this sweater in so many different ways. I`m obsessed. Definitely that best $50 I`ve ever spent in Zara.

I spent the day (outside of working, of course) snapping photos of random sayings near my job while walking to Chopt. This one on the window of a Citizen`s Bank caught my eye: What are you made of? Ya`ll know I like to get deep into my self-reflections so this really stood out to me.

I`m made of dreams. That`s it. LOL. How about you?

Skirt Ellery Sweater Zara Jacket Pacsun
- the broke girl