7.12 | Broke Girl 1`s


I`m finally getting around to posting; it`s more consistent for right now since so much time has already passed. Lol. Believe it or not, I`m still catching up as I forgot that this post was due to go live on the 12th and it was nowhere near complete, haha. 

Anywho, before the sun started to bake me, I was able to get more than enough wears in of my embroidered sweatshirt. I love embroidery and I wish I could just sit down and focus on making these at home. So, when I purchased my embroidery machine to actually make tees and things at home, I didn`t realize that in order to embroider custom artwork, you need software! I had no clue what software to purchase and when I finally got a clue, I learned that the software I downloaded a free trial for was not compatible with Mac. FML, right? Smh. Anywho, I found a new software program today and let`s just hope I muster up the creativity and energy to put it to work when I come back from Virginia next week. I know, I know... still putting it off, lol. Don`t judge me.

I paired my sweatshirt with one of my favorite lightweight midi skirts. Ya`ll know I love a good drape and leg moment - so for this weather, this was the perfect throw on. I don`t remember how much this skirt was, but I think I definitely got it on sale.

I`ve been spending a lot of time procrastinating, which I`m sure isn`t a surprise. It`s been good procrastination, though. Lots of planning, preparing to execute. I don`t remember if I wrote about getting approved to buy wholesale with s&s activewear, but I did and I finally purchased my inventory. I`m starting with a nice, neutral palette (like pretty much every tee business on IG) and I`m using flocked vinyl. I absolutely love flocked vinyl! I hope that I prepare my launch well and bring in some good business. Yall can check me out on IG @ brokebuthighmaintenance. I hope to start posting more content but ya`ll know how that goes haha.

Once I master the heat press, I eventually want to start working on these embroidered tees and crewnecks. I just have to focus - which I tell myself literally every day. It`s hard, though! Ugh.

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- the broke girl