8.15 | Never Too Late to Celebrate

Before I get into this post, I know I am hella late with posting this and I just did not feel like changing the date! Lol
I never really celebrate my birthdays in big, extravagant ways. I always want to do something super lowkey and on the affordable side, lol. It`s usually a family dinner—something very small + intimate—because who doesn`t love a good meal with the people who love you? I like parties when I attend them for other people, but I don`t even think I know enough people to have a party (lmao, but no seriously).

I spent the first half of my birthday at work with some great people. My team gifted me with a $250 gift card to Blick and omg, it was the best thing ever!! Months later, I`m still trying to figure out ways to spend it. I tried some mediterranean food for the first time and ya`ll, i been missing out. We also enjoyed some cupcakes (pictured below).

Since I was heading into work, I chose to be casual and comfortable because my commute calls for cozy comfort. I wore my thrifteComme des Garçons pants and paired it with my moneybag cupid crewneck and yellow dunks.

After my work celebration, I enjoyed a nice dinner with my fambam (do people say this anymore? lol) I made a complete 180 with my color scheme and opted for an all black look. I thrifted this Alexis dress and I am so happy that I bought it because I can`t find it on the web anywhere - unless my investigative skills just suck. But more on the dress: It`s a sleeveless, pleated tier dress and it makes me feel like I`m in an Alexander McQueen show or something. 

Speaking of Alexander McQueen, I recently tried to purchase a Givenchy piece from A/W 1998 when he was creative director - it was $6000. WHO DO I THINK I AM?! Needless to say, it was sold out so there goes that. Anyway... I layered my lace long sleeve top underneath since it was a bit chilly and I loved how the textures meshed so well together.

I took my Doc Martens out of the box because they just felt like the perfect way to tie the whole look together - and they were. I ate at Firebird and it was pretty good. I have to start finding activities to do  outside of eating dinner though because I`m tired of dining out every birthday, lol.

- the broke girl