juxtaposed .

i`ve been searching for a great pair of pinstripe pants and i think i`ve found them. the wide leg is just right, the length on me is perfect and the pants curve with the body - how could i ask for more? also, they`re priced at $168, which is chump change compared to the jacquemus pair that i actually still want (they`re also perfect), but are sold out everywhere. womp womp.

secure the bag

While June was trying to empty out her closet, I was trying to find ways to fill my closet up (when I shouldn`t be). I missed the previous three closet cleanses that the fashion guru held, and I thought I was going to miss this one, too. However, my friend Erin was my motivation to go and I am super happy that I did not miss out again.

just langin' around

one of my favorite designers is helmut lang ☻, the master of chic minimalism. every so often, i stroll into Neiman Marcus just to look at what`s on the racks. however, today i was unable to resist temptation since the sale rack was perfectly positioned at the entrance! smh.