3/12 | weekend trips

i went on a short roadtrip with my dad and sister over the weekend to D.C. i`m not familiar with the area, but i know that we were near chinatown. although we didn`t stay long, i know this is a place i would love to revisit and explore.

3/8 | how`s it going down?

wow ya`ll. it has been months. i have been going through every motion + emotion that any human could experience. i have been so uninspired to do anything. i am also too real with myself to try and force content, which explains my hiatus and neglecting of such a special + sacred place... my blog lol. i am trying to understand my growth and my place in this world while staying away from societal pressures (damn you, Instagram). as strong as i am, i too fall victim to my own insecurities. i have allowed myself to be discouraged...

12/15 | goal diggin`

let`s talk about accomplishing goals... more specifically, financial goals. i`ve been on this financial journey for a few years, but i became more serious about it once i realized how much debt i was putting myself in. i began to budget myself, track my spending and create a "get out of debt" payment plan for myself. i also cut back on spending. not entirely, clearly, but i am so much better than what i used to be. i am no longer living out of bags in my closet, thank god! i felt overwhelmed with clothes and it was just not a good situation to be in, period. however, it was a constant reminder that i needed to get my shit together.