word of the month: accountability

my graduation date is near and, though i can`t afford the alaia heels that i really wanted for my ceremony, i`m thankful that i just made it this far without more than $33,000 in tuition fees. this broke girl will be less high maintenance, because i have some super goals to achieve. no more big purchases and no more designer labels for a while. i`m going to stick with the rivers and lakes that i`m used to... meaning that i`m going to wear the shit that i already have and not add to my debt. i`ve been successful at paying two of my four credit cards down. the last two are challenging, but i know i can do this.

shimmer shimmer ya

i fell in love with this oversized sweater as soon as i spotted it. i know i say this about everything, but it`s always true. lol. i love the multicolor vintage look and when i tried it on, it was so comfy + cozy. my sister bought it for me from Tahj, a beautiful brownie who i met at a pop-up art show that i participated in. now thanks to the weird spring new jersey weather, i was able to wear it sooner than i thought.

$5 thrift finds >

i love thrifting because you really never know what gems are just waiting to be found. i started thrifting back during my freshman year of college and, at that time, there was like a wave of young people thrifting heavy in my area. i used to get so jealous when i heard about some bomb piece that someone thrifted for like $5 or $10 lol, but i`ve been able to get my hands on a lot of interesting designer and non-designer pieces from the thrifting.