7.18 | Thrifted Goods.2

upon walking into this charming, little thrift shop, i had no idea what to expect. i loved that it was neat and organized by category and size because that always helps the shopping experience. i hate having to look through things and walk through tight aislesalthough sometimes it can be exciting when you find a treasure in the midst of trash.

7.16 | Thrifted Goods.1

for almost two weeks, my friend jasmine + i were planning to go thrifting at this new place she had learned about. however, due to my bank account not being cooperative with my wants + needs, we had to postpone our thrifting trip. we finally were able to go on saturday and it was so worth the wait.

7.2 | mo` money

i`m still on a shopping hiatus and not spending has been quite easy. my outlook on the things that i want have changed drastically; not just because i still can`t afford them (lol), but because i would much rather see that money in both my checking + savings account.