In Those Jeans

Like almost everyday, I kept it casual. I wore this bomb pair of 7's and they fit like a glove. My legs look so thick in them, lawd. The jeans are very soft and they curve with your body. They have a raw hem, but I flipped the cuff so that it would sit above my heels` straps. If you are looking for a great pair of denim, I`m telling you... these are it. These in particular are from Bloomingdale`s and you can find them here. You`re welcome. Lol.

Summer Nudes with Phillip

I had been salivating over these 3.1 Phillip Lim`s "Marquise" heels forever! Seriously, like forever. I just could not pay its retail price of $695 for obvious reasons. However, on a Thursday night, I was browsing the Internet (as usual) and stumbled upon an eBay listing. I always find myself finding shit I don`t need while I`m browsing the Internet. Smh.

Is that a bedsheet?

Oak opened near my job and boy, was I excited to see what they had to offer. It has been so tough trying to not buy anything. So far, I have purchased three items, including this top/dress/bedsheet/whatever lol. I sized up, so it is extremely oversized. It is super comfy and easy to throw on, which I really loved. It`s lightweight and transitional. I believe it cost like $260, but I never really know what I spend on things. I just swipe.