In Da Burbz

It was my babygirl`s graduation celebration and what type of friend would I be if I didn`t show up and show out for her? I was asked to be sexy, so this is my attempt! Lol. My friend, Jasmine, had a beautiful dinner at Negril Village in NYC and it was nothing less than amazing. We ate, had drinks and danced... despite all of the hiccups that occurred throughout the night. There`s really nothing like having ratchet nights with friends and then trying to get as much sleep as possible because you work the morning shift the next day. Gotta love it.

I Got The Blues

I have been so tired lately, so I`ve been taking every chance I can to relax. I will be so overjoyed and relieved once my graduate program is complete! I feel like it`s been exhausting my energy, but I know it will pay off in the end. I have been doing market analyses on some of my favorite brands, and it is so interesting. So, despite being slightly overwhelmed, I am still so happy that I decided to enroll in this program.

Grey Camel

While everyone is impatiently waiting for Summer so they can bust out the bathing suits and daisy dukes, I`m enjoying this last bit of layer weather. I`ve never been a huge Summer girl because I just cannot stand the heat. Lawd. But - while it`s still cool, I`m going to take advantage of wearing all of my favorite coats while I can.