i water my own flowers

this dress (or shirt, however you see it) really called out to me, with its vibrant colors, texture and structured look. i think i paid $49 for it, so it was well worth the money. i initially styled it with a pair of bottoms, but for some odd reason, it was pretty warm outside. so, the bottoms had to go.

business casual

i was desperate for an occasion to wear my new pick ups and - boom - my friend asks to meet up for dinner. im all for comfort and i just really love how super casual wear can be dressed up in the most simple way, illustrated by this look.

power suit

I said that I would have better pictures of the things that I purchased at June Ambrose`s closet cleanse... so here it is. I wore them all for my visit to the Met. However, I was extremely disappointed with the weather because it was suuuuper ugly and rainy.