5/21 | elevation

you know why i stress the importance of self-reflection? to continue holding myself accountable and to understand that there are real consequences to my actions + that the situations that i find myself in are my doing. i`ve also always been mindful of what i`ve done in the past because i knew that those actions could rear its head in my future.

4/20 | 'cause 2 is better than 1

i procrastinated on these cĂ©line mules for a long time. i was trying to decide between two different pair, as well as if i should use my money to pay a bill instead. lol. i paid a bill instead and one of the pairs sold: a black mule with the pvc strap. i shrugged it off because honestly, i didn`t need them.

4/2 | back at one

starting from the bottom all over again is not always fun. i`ve been at the bottom multiple times and, each time, i found my footing. but i`m only human and i`m bound to stumble from time to time.