9/15 - broke this, broke that

i take every opportunity i get to wear my own brand because why not? it`s funny because people on the street find it cute + humorous. it is, though, and it`s meant to be a conversation starter about real life shit. as someone who is passionate about authenticity and real life struggle, why wouldn`t i want to spearhead a discussion about something that is very real and that we all may go through?

9/8/18 - broke girl, big city

hello, september. time is just flying by, I swear. However, I am happy with the blessings that time has brought me. i`m still getting acclimated at work and trying not to overwhelm myself with learning everything quickly and all at once.

8/29/18 - #smallvictoriesmatter

i can`t believe that august is over and 2018 is basically over. lol. i`ve been working on my short-term goals list, and i`ve been able to cross two of them off. i`m not celebrating yet, but i am very proud of my small victories. it`s been a long and hard road, but i`ve learned that you really just have to keep at it. yes - very cliche, i know. It sounds so easy, but I know how difficult it is. i live it everyday. you just have to change your mindset. discipline yourself and hold yourself accountable for your actions. you will begin to see the difference that makes.