i water my own flowers

this dress (or shirt, however you see it) really called out to me, with its vibrant colors, texture and structured look. i think i paid $49 for it, so it was well worth the money. i initially styled it with a pair of bottoms, but for some odd reason, it was pretty warm outside. so, the bottoms had to go.

Kanye: Do you see this coat?!

let`s get right into this look. i was so excited to wear this shearling coat that i thrifted last week. i purchased this coat for.... *dramatic drum roll and all that extra stuff*... $12.49! i went all by my lonesome to Unique, a local thrift store, to actually look for some old denim jackets that i can test paint on. i`m clearly easily distracted because i stumbled upon THIS COAT RIGHT HERE.

crazy for chanel

as usual, i was out and about doing things i wasn`t supposed to be doing... like browsing the shoe department of 59th street. i was on my lunch break, so i figured that it couldn`t hurt to look. in the end, it did hurt because i stumbled upon these beauties!