12/15 - goal diggin'

let`s talk about accomplishing goals... more specifically, financial goals. i`ve been on this financial journey for a few years, but i became more serious about it once i realized how much debt i was putting myself in. i began to budget myself, track my spending and create a "get out of debt" payment plan for myself. i also cut back on spending. not entirely, clearly, but i am so much better than what i used to be. i am no longer living out of bags in my closet, thank god! i felt overwhelmed with clothes and it was just not a good situation to be in, period. however, it was a constant reminder that i needed to get my shit together.

12/2 - excuse me miss, your pants are ripped

these pants! i should have never went into tokio 7. i was in the elevator at work when i saw this guy with this bomb shirt on. i asked him about it (i`m nosey) and he told me it was a Comme des Garçons piece that he purchased from this consignment shop called tokio 7. my ass just had to google it and discover that it was literally up the street from my job. with that said, ya`ll know what i did...

12/1 - broke girl, money moves

broke but high maintenance was a vendor at powerhouse at the prudential center at the end of october. i didn`t actually know this was going to happen for me and i was very lowkey about the whole experience at first. it all came about when my mom pushed me to enter this contest that she saw on power 105`s website and i was extremely reluctant to enter. i didn`t want to be put out there. i didn`t feel like i was ready or confident enough. i didn`t think i was good enough to win. sadly, all of these thoughts came from my experiences with people who claim that they will support me and don`t. i just didn`t want to get my hopes up only to be disappointed... again.