11.17 | the broke report

i`m a youtuber ya`ll. you can find me at the broke report <-- clickable. i decided to finally set up my camera + give myself some screen time. sometimes it`s easier to say than to write because it gives people that personal interaction with the person behind the words. it`s taking me a while to adjust because 1. i am super awkward when speaking into the camera, 2. my speaking voice + i are not the best of friends and 3. it`s me giving more people more access to me.

10.21 | things change, they don`t stay the same.

what do you think about change? are you resistant because you believe that changing means you`re not being real with yourself? in actuality, recognizing that change is necessary shows just how real you are. we have to change in some way, in order to grow & continue to develop. if you are resistant to change, you are a constant... not evolving, at a standstill.

9.24 | discovery in burberry

when we`re young, we`re often asked about our dream jobs. "what do you want to be when you grow up?" i had so many answers to this question; i have never wanted to shrink myself or limit myself to just one dream. i remember saying i wanted to be a rapper, singer, fan-fic author, fashion designer (particularly wedding dresses), business woman (opening recreation centers in my hometown), and the list goes on... lol. i am a fluid person, constantly changing, and i love discovering new things about myself: new talents, new interests, new dislikes. the journey of self-discovery is so important and beautiful.