been a while

i know i`ve been missing in action, but alot has been going on. i`m back working in the city, despite all of my complaints about working in the city. i mean, who doesn`t have a love/hate relationship with new york? it`s fun for a while before it gets costly + exhausting. however, i am in a positive state of being so i will not complain any further!

in the nude(s)

trying to find an appropriate outfit for a wedding is really as hard as people say it is. I thought I would be able to create a look out of the clothes that I already own, but as usual, I`m never satisfied with what I have. So, this led me to the mall with my mom and sisters. My sister actually picked these beaaaaautiful pants for me and I had to get them. They were only $64 and I can wear them in all seasons, so I figured why not? I love these high waist adjustable trousers because they look good when paired with oversized sweaters, fitted tops, etc.