11/2 - thank you for the inspiration zara

wow ya`ll. it`s been a whole month since i`ve posted anything, so it`s about time that i update you on what`s been going on. october really flew, man. i haven`t even processed what`s happened thus far, but i`ll try to provide updates in the next few posts (with hopes that i post). i`m going to touch on what else i`ve learned about myself (thank you self-reflections), what i`ve purchased (mind your business, lol) and some goals that i`ve crossed off my list.

9/30 - broke girl tips: the importance of self-reflection

it`s been a while since i`ve last posted. i have been having the worst mood swings. i just have my days where i`m just over everything and i realize i need to just wind down, reflect and figure out what the hell is going on with me. sometimes you just have to shut people out to focus on yourself and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. i try to focus on myself by self-reflecting in my journal and throwing myself into my art.

9/15 - broke this, broke that

i take every opportunity i get to wear my own brand because why not? it`s funny because people on the street find it cute + humorous. it is, though, and it`s meant to be a conversation starter about real life shit. as someone who is passionate about authenticity and real life struggle, why wouldn`t i want to spearhead a discussion about something that is very real and that we all may go through?