10.4 | Who is the Broke Girl?

look who started a YouTube channel, ya`ll. & yes, I am keeping my blog because this is my baby. it`s just so much easier to document my everyday shenanigans via video instead of writing. i enjoy writing for reflection and for photography; it also helps me when i need to clear my head. plus, i`m able to take my time and formulate my thoughts when i`m writing. video is live action, so i can capture the now, in the moment. if you`re interested in watching me + my shenanigans, subscribe here.

- the broke girl

9.24 | discovery in burberry

when we`re young, we`re often asked about our dream jobs. "what do you want to be when you grow up?" i had so many answers to this question; i have never wanted to shrink myself or limit myself to just one dream. i remember saying i wanted to be a rapper, singer, fan-fic author, fashion designer (particularly wedding dresses), business woman (opening recreation centers in my hometown), and the list goes on... lol. i am a fluid person, constantly changing, and i love discovering new things about myself: new talents, new interests, new dislikes. the journey of self-discovery is so important and beautiful.

9.16 | pyer moss

on sunday, september 9th, i had the pleasure of attending the pyer moss runway show for their 3rd collection. it was nothing short of amazing and more than what i could have imagined. i have always admired kerby for his dedication to sharing his platform with those whose voices were silenced or ignored while also providing high quality garments that tell a story—very important stories.