8.15 | Never Too Late to Celebrate

Before I get into this post, I know I am hella late with posting this and I just did not feel like changing the date! Lol
I never really celebrate my birthdays in big, extravagant ways. I always want to do something super lowkey and on the affordable side, lol. It`s usually a family dinner—something very small + intimate—because who doesn`t love a good meal with the people who love you? I like parties when I attend them for other people, but I don`t even think I know enough people to have a party (lmao, but no seriously).

7.12 | Broke Girl 1`s


I`m finally getting around to posting; it`s more consistent for right now since so much time has already passed. Lol. Believe it or not, I`m still catching up as I forgot that this post was due to go live on the 12th and it was nowhere near complete, haha. 

7.5 | Skirts + Sweaters

One of my favorite style combos is an oversized sweater and a skirt. This combo looks good in all seasons, except when it`s clearly way too hot. I`m not always down to sacrifice myself for a good look. However, this day was perfect because although the sun was out, there was a pretty nice breeze, so I didn`t feel like the sweater or the jean jacket was too much.