9.16 | pyer moss

on sunday, september 9th, i had the pleasure of attending the pyer moss runway show for their 3rd collection. it was nothing short of amazing and more than what i could have imagined. i have always admired kerby for his dedication to sharing his platform with those whose voices were silenced or ignored while also providing high quality garments that tell a story<—very important stories.

8.21 | melancholy

i`ve been in such a grey mood lately. it`s been a minute since i`ve felt 100% like myself. i place so many [high] expectations on myself without realizing how draining it is. why would i do this? lol. because i think i`m invincible... clearly. learning that i`m not superwoman has been challenging, but being real with myself is what i`m about. i`m also learning + understanding that it is okay to be sad. i`m not going to be guilty about not being strong all the time. shit, i be sad, sometimes!

7.18 | thrifted goods.2

upon walking into this charming, little thrift shop, i had no idea what to expect. i loved that it was neat and organized by category and size because that always helps the shopping experience. i hate having to look through things and walk through tight aislesalthough sometimes it can be exciting when you find a treasure in the midst of trash.